Sunday, March 28, 2010

Perspective Sunday...

Ive pretty much been waiting to exhale for the past few weeks, months...... and today...I was finally able to breathe! Can I just tell you what relaxing is to me? Well, we live on 2 acres so we have dirt bikes...I LOVE me some dirt bikes! I rode and rode that dirt bike around our yard about 50 times. Preston was on his dirt bike following me. Everytime I would pull up to the house, Payton would run outside and ask me for a ride. That's gonna grow up being a motorcycle lover! Not to mention, while we are riding around, Craig and my dad are out on joy ride on the "big boy" bikes. Then, after my bootie could only handle so much on the bike, we laid on a blanket under one of our HUGE OAK trees and read a book about dragons. We did this for a couple hours...ahhhhh...I love a lazy Sunday. It's been SOOOOO long since I have just rested, no computer, phone etc..that I honestly have forgotten how to relax! Ive been working so much lately, you really get in a "working freenzy" and dont know how to stop. It just brought me back down a notch...oh, and my stress level too! I was reminded that although I love my work and what I do, that I love my boys and family more! Without my family, I have nothing...they are what I enjoy. But I also realized again, that they dont want the "business contacts, money, cars, house..etc" they just want me, my time and my attention.

Nothing like a beautiful, sunny Sunday to put things back in perspective! *smile*

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Superwoman and "The Beam"

This is how I've felt lately!

This is who I need to be more like in order to hold down the fort...hummmmm..possible??

WA= Work-a-holics Annonymous! Is there such thing? Probably so, and I might need to go! I've been told this past week that I might have a bit of a "problem!" I guess my family is telling me in a, well, nice way to: CUT, PULL THE PLUG, EX-NEY ON THE WORK-NA, TAKE A BREAK, CHILL OUT, STOP TALKING ABOUT BUSINESS, STOP STOP STOP! I am feeling a bit obsessed about this whole "business" thing..but what can I say..I LOVE being a "business girl!" I've got the fever, but everyone else is sick...sick of hearing me talk about tanning..haha! It's SO hard to slow down when success is in my grasp. I do feel a bit guilty though b/c I need to work more on balancing my family NUMERO UNO, and my biz, NUMERO DOS!

Note to self: dont talk to husband about my tanning business...I think he's just a tad bit sick of hearing about it all! I pretty much just do what I want and make my own business decisions anyways...I just need to balance, balance, balance...

This week is labeled "The Beam" b/c that is my task this week! Walk the balancing beam of family, life and biz without falling off!

Heck, I am superwoman afterall right?!...The modern superwoman CAN do it a family, run a biz, be a good wife, mother, maid, cook, laundry,etc, etc, etc..RIGHT!!!!

Wish me luck! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cheaters and Private Investigators...

A lot of cool things have been happening latley! Im involved in a new "project" with some really great friends. We are doing a reality show. It's all very cool, but top secret right now..ha. Will update more later. Dont quite know what my part will be in it, but it's just awesome to be a part of it.

We did some filming and promo work this weekend up in Dallas at the World Investigators Confrence and met some very interesting people. Got to meet Joey Greko, the host of Cheaters. Interesting!

Also, we got to meet and have dinner with Jay J. Armes and his son Jay Armes III. They are the nicest people! We were definitely in some great company! We got to interview him on camera and he told us some really great stories. That evening we went to dinner with the whole group and rode in a limo with them. JJ always has a bodyguard with him at all times. He was a really cool dude...seriously armed and dangerous. At one point during the night, after dinner, we were getting out of the limo and a homeless man came by and started hanging around and wouldnt leave. I just, you really dont wanna mess with this group of people dude!! NO JOKE!!! So, needless to say, we definitely felt safe!