Monday, July 23, 2007


Well, we have been gone most of the summer, here, there and everywhere and probably will jam every trip we can in until school starts again. Here are a bunch of pictures from random trips and things we have done this summer. Oh, favorite thing that has happened this summer is Craig bought me my DREAM car!! yeah!!!! After almost 8 years of marraige and 2 kids later, I have my GMC Yukon and it is marvelous! HA. Here are some pictures below.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Been A while

See, Im a bad blogger! I cant keep up with the daily grind...well, atleast blogging about my daily grind. SSSSOOOOOO much has happened in the past 2 months that I will have to write more about it all later. For now Im just going to post a couple pictures from the photoshoot in Toronto so I can just e-mail this website instead of sending pictures to all my peeps :) Im happy with how they turned out....some are a little, well, risque (sp?) but muslce-tech is all about showing off the body I guess. I will blog more later.