Thursday, September 16, 2010

Long Time!

Wow, its been SOOO long since I have posted on this blog! So much is going on and life is a bit crazy right now! My business is great and BIG BIG things are in store. In fact, Im launching a brand new, never before invented, one of a kind piece of Sunless Tanning equipment in a matter of WEEKS...well... "official" lauching will be in 2011, BUT its such an exciting time. Everything is all coming together and I have such high hopes for this that it will change the Sunless Tanning Industry forever!! :) You better believe I am having a HUGE, FUN, Launch Party as soon as it happens. So much time, hard work and effort has gone in to trying to make this happen and Im so thankful for the people and friends who were put in my path to help me accomplish my dream! I see it all playing out now, and I can barley contain my excitement anymore about the details!! Soon...very soon!!!

My fam is doing fabulous! The boys have started school again. Preston started 4th grade (holy cow) and Payton started baby! They are both doing great and loving school!

Craig has been working working working and has been top salesman at his job for about, uhmm, oh, 2 years now..haha...can we can ABOUT TIME TO A RAISE!!!! Helloooooooo!! lol!

We just had my dad visit from North Carolina and the boys LOVED it. Pate made him play Legos with him hours and hours a day..ha. Welcome to my world "GP" :)

We took a family vaca to Orlando last month and had the best time ever! We have decided to take a vacation wayyyyyy more often b/c we were in heaven! We stayed at the Nick Hotel Suites where the boys enjoyed getting "slimed" every day at the humongous water park onsite! Then we went to Universal Island and Universal Studios. Again, best time we have ever had as a family on a trip! We are already trying to plot our next venture! The boys are at such great ages right now to fly, vacation, take on trips in the car..etc. THIS is the age we've been waiting for them to get to forEVER..haha! We enjoy them sooo much and love seeing the excitement in their eyes as they do all these new things with us that they have never experienced before!

Im putting up some pictures for fam and friends b/c its been way to long since Ive posted anything on here! Im gonna try to do better!