Sunday, March 30, 2008


So, as you can see, I havent updated my blog in a while. Ive been busy, and Im so bad at this...Im going to try to do better though. I cant even being to go back and recap everything that has gone on...but Ill do a mini re-cap of events since October..that is the last time I wrote. Gosh....thats crazy how the time just flew by. November: I turned the BIG 3-0...sad for me...really. But, Im going to try to make my 30's the best ever and look the best I have ever looked in my life! :) -Craig also had a birthday and turned 32. -We spent Thanksgiving with my family and sister Trisha and her family. We havent done that for was fun to have them here! December: Of course had the best Christmas. Again, It came and went so fast and here we are, already almost April. WOWWWZZZAAAA!!!! January: Preston went back to school after a nice long christmas break and started the whole routine again. -Valentines day Craig took me to Mckormicks and Shmicks. Soooooo good. I wish I would have taken pictures. He surprized me that afternoon and came home for lunch with my fav. chocolate bar (symphony) flowers and a sweet card. Way to go honey! Febuary: Preston turned 7 years old. I cant believe I have a 7 year old. He's starting to make me feel old now...well, maybe I am. He had his best friends over and we had a little party. He wanted a really big party with lots of kiddo's but said he would rather have a Wii instead and then just have a small party. So he got a Wii and loooovvveeesss it! March: Had spring break this month and that was fun. We went up to Dallas to visit Craigs parent who flew in from Oregon. It was fun b/c Craig rarely has any time off and got to take a few days off. It was fun actually getting to spend some time together! We stayed with my awesome cousin ya girl. We had lots of fun! Now we are heading into April and are nearing the end of the school year. I cant believe it is almost summer time again. It just blows my mind how fast this school year flew by. We have a lot in store this summer. We are going to be moving in June, going on vacation in July and swimming a lot in August.HA....thats all you can do in a Texas summer in August! Well, I will just try to post some pictures of whats been going on the past few months.