Monday, April 30, 2007

Cute New Bedspread

Isnt it cute???? We finally decided to go out and get a new comforter. We have looked and looked and everytime we go to the stores we can never take the plunge to just buy one already. So my good friend Jenny watched my boys for us last weekend so me and Craig could go on a date. We had a lot of fun. We went and had a nice dinner and then went to Ikea. I used to not like that place so much, but I really do now. Ive changed my mind. So we found this duvet there and we both agreed on it. There were a few cute ones there and they are pretty cheap. We figure for this price we can change out the comforter any time we want. It was nice getting to go out on a date with my hubby. I always enjoy spending time with just me and him. Its a rareity (sp?) these days.
This weekend we went to my moms in San Antonio for Grahams birthday and had a lot of fun eating cake and homemade ice cream. I swear, one of these days I always say I want to open a little ice cream shop and make my grandma's recipe for homemade icecream. It is to DIE for!!! I can never resist it. So of course, I kinda went off path from my diet this weekend and I have been doing soooo good. I have dropped a few more pounds and am finally really starting to see some new results. One thing I have been doing is running. I think this has been a key ingredient to sliming and toning my thighs and helping me drop these last pounds to reach my goal. Im going to keep it up. I always dread it when Im pulling out my treadmill, but then once I am running Im thinking....well, this isnt so bad. Especially when Im watching Oprah or catching up on some of the shows I never get to watch during the day. Its the only way to make it something to look forward to.
Well, I better run and get these boys in bed for the night. Then Ill have some time to myself. YEAH!! Thats what I like to hear. HAHA ...ME TIME. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sick Day

Everyone is sick! YUCK!!! I hate it when the kids are sick. It started by Preston saying he had a stomach ache on Monday evening and quickly turned into a vomiting/you know what episode alllll night long. Then, finally when he quit throwing up at about 2 am I laid down and my stomach started turning knots. Needless to say, yesterday was spent laying in bed with a fever all day long with 2 kids by my side. Preston was still sick and stayed home from school, but Payton was rearin' to go. So it was all I could do to just put one movie on after another to try to keep him occupied. Craig got home from work and then a couple hours later started saying his stomacher was hurting. OH GREAT! Sure enough, he couldn't even make it to work this morning. Whatever we are all passing to each other is one nasty virus!

Here is a picture of Payton not feeling good. He wanted to try Preston's skateboard and of course fell off and hit his chin on the pavement. Ouch! If you look closely he has a thermometer under his arm. haha. He loves to try to take his own temperature.

Well, hopefully we will all be better for the weekend. We are going to go down to San Antonio for Grahams birthday. The boys are going to go skeet shooting on Saturday morning and then we are going to grill out in the afternoon. It should be fun, the kids love to go and see "namma."

Here are a few pictures we took up in the hills.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Week update

Well, I'm already getting behind with this whole "blogging" thing. We have been busy but really doing a whole bunch of nothing. The kids are constantly keeping me active and running. We went hiking a couple weeks ago and I took this picture and thought it was soooo cute of the boys. Payton likes to keep up with the "big boys" and wont have it any other way. He and Preston are actually really good hikers!

Craig went to the doctor...finally...last week because he has constant allergies and a stuffy, runny, sneezey nose. He found out that he has such severe sinus problems that he is going to have to have surgery. I really wasn't surprised though. I just feel sorry for him because I know he must feel miserable all the time but he doesn't even know what "normal" feels like. So I am very anxious for him to have this done. He will have his tonsils out and his septum fixed. It is 100% blocked on one side, meaning he can never breathe out of his nose. Poor guy. He will have a total of 5 things done on his sinuses. Hopefully he can get the time off work to have this done in the next couple weeks. He needs it asap! He is a bit of a work-a-holic and has never asked off work, so getting him to do this is like pulling teeth. But, the doctor told him he will feel like a completely different person after the surgery. So I cant wait :) haha!

So that was pretty much the news of the week. I am doing good, still working out and "trying" to diet as usual. I had set a goal this year that I wanted to do a figure competition. I'm really thinking I am going to do this and I'm stressing a little about it. Its a very ambitious goal that takes extreme dedication. I am just trying to gear up for the training and a very meticulous and strict diet. You have to be extremely lean and muscular for these competitions. I love lifting weights and seeing the benefits of it, but the diet part is not so fun. YUCK! I'm thinking about hiring a nutritionist/trainer to get me it tip-top shape and hey, its bonus because summer is right around the corner and I can be bikini ready. Hey, after a compeition you have a bangin' body......all the more incentive! :)

They boys are doing great and are happy and healthy. Here are some pictures of Payton and his markers. This kid is addicted to markers and colors on pretty much everything including himself and is so amused by it.

Payton got a short hair cut.

Monday, April 9, 2007


We had a wonderful weekend at grandma and grampa's house this Easter weekend. The kids didn't want to leave on Sunday and enjoyed eating a lot of candy! The boys had so much fun coloring Easter eggs and wanted to do more and more. Payton wanted to carry the crate of eggs around all day and kept calling them "baby eggs." Then, on Sunday morning, Payton found his Easter baskets without us knowing and just started dumping out all the candy. They had a lot of fun! We headed down to San Antonio on Friday and came home late last night. Saturday we pretty much stayed indoors because it was pouring down rain ALL day long and it turned freezing cold. Its so bizarre, this Texas weather. It was just 80 degree's last week and then we came home to it being 50 degree's inside our house and had to start a fire and turn on the heater. Its always nice being able to actually use the fireplace though. Its supposed to be in the mid 80's again later this week and summer is quickly approaching! I'm not sure I'm ready for the sweltering 100 degree heat of the summer. We pretty much spend every day at the pool. Its the only way to get through.

Well, just wanted to update the blog and say we had a great Easter and are so thankful for our family both here and far away. Hope everyone had a great holiday!