Sunday, November 23, 2008

it's a smart world after all

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, it came and 31st birthday that is! Im really trying not to think to much about because when I do, I have to admit, it does make me a little sad. Its not that I feel old, its just the sound of the number and reminder that I truly AM getting older. When you are young, you want to be old and just think it will never happen. I remember when I was 12 years old turning 13 my family took me out to dinner. I remember the waiter coming up to the table and my family announcing it was my birthday. I also remember thinking he was pretty cute and older than me of course. And me, always notoriously trying to be grown up and older announced that I was actually turning "14" (instead of 13) when he asked how old I was turning on this birthday. Well, my little brother Graham instantly piped up and said "SHE'S NOT 14...SHE'S ONLY 13" Of course I was mortified! We only laugh about that story now. Especially now since Im only wishing and contemplating "fibbing" about my age, but going down, instead of up! HA!

Its okay, I know I cant do a darn thing to change it, except to look my best and feel my best for ever age I am. I have a great family who got and did some special things for me. Craig took me to dinner to get my favorite steak dinner. Here are some pictures.....

My dad designed my FABULOUS business cards, poster, logo, and gift cards. Here is everything I put together for one of my tanning parties. It turned out great. Thanks dad for all your creative designs! Its was a great b-day present!

My sister sent me this tasty treat! Thanks Trish!!!

My mom gave me the cutest necklace. Obviously it had my kids names on it, but I love it. Im so in to stamped silver now.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


We had a fun Halloween. As usual it comes and goes so fast. Im sure the rest of the year is going to be the same way :( I love thanksgiving and Christmas time. Here are some pictures of the boys. Payton also went to the pumpkin patch with his pre-school class and there are some pictures of him and his friends. (notice, they are ONLY boys) He says the (gwils are mean)