Thursday, July 31, 2008

"The clock says beach time"

This is what Payton kept saying when he pointed to the clock.

Pictures will be coming soon................... :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


HAHA...FOOLED YA! Well, pretty much. We dont dont have twin babies...but we have twin baby puppies. They are sooo cute. It was unexpected to get another dog, much less TWO dogs. They are chihuahua puppies. The blonde one is Sadie and the brown one is Mavrick. When we went to go and look at them (first mistake) Craig said he thought two would be best so they could keep eachother company and I thought he had lost his mind. Well, turns out they have been so cute together and 2 little dogs is really not that much different than one. So we are introducing Sadie and Mavrick.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Scott's Farwell and the Lake

This weekend we drove up to Dallas to go to my nephew's mission farewell. He will be leaving to go and serve a two year church mission. We had a lot of fun. While we were there we also went to the lake and the kids had soooo much fun! We stayed with my cousin Wendy and her family which is always fun to be able to catch up and see eachother again. Luv ya Wendy!!! Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Preston is our little comedian, helper, cuddler, jokester, dramatic, cute, cute boy!! We just think he is such a cutie patottie. He had his hair short for a long time and then begged us to let him grow it out long like his Uncle Branden. So, while its still going through a bit of a ratty stage, we still think it looks cute on him. He makes friends so easliy and is definitely the class clown. He loves his daddy and going and doing anything and everything with him. Their new thing to do together is to go golfing! Preston just got his very own clubs and they go to the driving range. He is pretty good too! I just wanted to show some of the many faces of Preston and let him know how much we love him!


I finally got a bunch of pictures off my moms camera from Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, and to last night, 4th of July. Here you go....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New House

Finally! We are all moved in our new house! We are sooooo glad the move is over with and the boxes are put away. We LOVE our new neighborhood. All the neighbors are so friendly. Everyone is always outside in the evening walking their dogs and all the kids are out. So Payton and Preston are loving it too. They love to go outside and catch frogs (which there seems to be plenty) and then Payton, and his attachement disorder....dosent ever want to part with the little frog. Everynight we have to explain the whole story about how the frog needs to be outside with his mommy and daddy to stay alive and needs to be able to catch bugs. So after much persuading, he finally realeases it. Anyways, we are going out of town for the 4th of July and I have a thing about cleaning before we go somewhere. I like to come home to a pristine house after being gone. So, I decided to take some pictures while it was atleast presentable. I forgot to take some of the outside....Ill post some later. Enjoy mom and dad Smart....Im holding true to my promise of taking more pictures!! HA!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Two monkeys one cage

So this is how I found my boys last night when I checked on them. Both of them in Paytons crib. Now I know what your thinking, Payton is still in a crib??? And...what the heck is on the crib. The answer is yes, Payton is still sleeping in his crib. Let's just say Payton has what we call and "attachement" disorder. He gets VERY attached to certain things and likes things a certain way alll the time and dosent like change. So, he still loves his crib, his pillow, and unfortunatly a bottle. He's been attached to the bottle since he was a baby and still likes it for comfort at night. I know its way past time to kick that habbit, but I think I have the same "disorder" as payton, so I feel guilty taking it away. He is our baby and its the last "baby" thing he has to let go of, so I have to let go of my attachement issue to keep him a baby! HA! What a mess. Anyways, when he was younger, he learned early on how to get out of his crib. So I bought a crib tent and it worked wonders. I dont tie it shut or anything and he can get out anytime, but he likes it closed still...(refer back to attachment disorder :) So last night I guess both boys wanted to sleep together, which never happens, so I HAD to document it with a picture. Preston is so big he takes up the whole side of the crib and he feel asleep with his arm stuck between the bars. I moved him into his bed so the didnt whack eachother upside the head during the night.

PS. thanks to grandma and grampa smart for the penguin that preston sleeps with everynight, and to "namma" for the pillow payton cant sleep without.......ever.....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I know its been sooo long since I last posted. Im really going to try to start updating more for family and friends. This is unfortunately the only way that family that is far away gets to see pictures of us. Im a bad picture Ill try to post more pictures on the blog. So that is just what Im going to do in this blog b/c it will take to long right now to write everything we have been up to. We are having a great summer so far though and have a lot more in store in the coming weeks. I will write more later.