Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Biz!

So I have been a total blogging slacker! Ive been up to my ears busy with a new business! YES, that's right, I started an airbrush tanning business. Totally random, I know. But for those of you who know me, know it fits me to the "T"!! Ive been having soooo much fun! Everyone loves to have a summer glow and have some color to their skin. Me included. But....and I mean a BIG, BUT, since I have turned the ever so young age of 30, it seems things start slowing down, wrinkling up, growing bigger, drooping and so on ...anyway, I'm now seeing the effect that the sun has had on my skin (as a sun lover) growing up. Not that I would lay the day away basking in baby oil or anything like that. Its just when your young, you never think about the future and what effects certain things will do to your skin/body. So, I'm at that age now where I still want color, but I don't want to hang out in a tanning boothe 4 times a week...bad, bad, bad!! I LOVE airbrush tan's! Its NOTHING like a "mystic tan" machine which leaves you blotchy and streaky. Its a custom, control, specifically picked for you color, airbrushed tan. It gives the perfect glow! So, I started my own business and I'm loving it! Why didn't I do this before?? Women are going berserk over it. I spray them once, they see immediate results, and then ask when I can come back. Is it really that easy? I knew people would love it once they tried it out for themselves, but we women are so funny about certain things! So, anyone who wants to hit me up for an "immediate makeover" call me up. And check out my new website. Come on all you whities out there...
"Be a Hottie, Bronze your Body!" :)

also, I have a blog too that Im going to start posting before/after pict

Happy Bronzing :)