Thursday, May 21, 2009

Concan....Not Cancun and the Frio River....

So, I know I know...its been wayyyy to long since my last post....WHAT gives...I've actually been busy!!! So so so so busy with my tanning business! I love it, but no time to breathe :) So, Im up right now at about 7am. Got Preston off to school, Payton is still sleeping and I have a moment before the madness of this day is about to start. Im having a "Tan Day" at my house today. I'll be airbrushing all the live long day today b/c everybody has GOT to have a tan you know before Memorial Day weekend.

Anways, tomorrow we are leaving on vacation. A small one, but it will be a lot of fun. We are renting an rv for the first time and driving with my family down do Concan (not to be confused with Cancun...i wish! ) It's on the Frio river about 1.5 hrs from San Antonio. We are going to just relax, swim, float, fish and relax so more! I cant wait. I think Im more excited about driving the rv down there. Im a little redneck I think..ha! :) We are going to take our motorcycles down there and cruise also. Should be a great time. Ill post some pictures when we get back. Im looking forward to have nothing to do. I think I deserve it, I've been tannin' away the past few months and been crazy busy!

ps...i have sooo many pictures to post since I havent posted for a longgg ill just post some random ones.