Monday, May 5, 2008

RIP Blue

We had a really sad weekend and are so so so sorry to say we lost our little dog blue "moo moo" as we called him...dont ask why. It was definitely a tramatic experience for everyone. We were at my moms house in San Antonio and all the boys were getting ready to go golfing and to go see Iron Man. They were just waiting around for everyone to be ready and went out in the back yard to practice their putting skills. I was inside and all the sudden heard this shreiking, crying sound that is alarmingly recognizable and I knew one of the dogs were in trouble. I looked out the window to see my brother running in to get us and I looked down and saw little blue laying upside-down crying on the ground. They said he ran right in front of the golf ball right after it was putted and it hit him on the head. The poor little thing was is so much pain we were all panicing and in tears. We rushed him to the ER (for pets) and they took him in. He spent the next 8 hours there and then we brought him home. We though he was going to pass away and they said we could take him home to be by us. He was seizuring all night and wouldnt eat or drink and couldnt stand up. His whole right side was paralized and the doctor said he had brain trama. The golf ball was probably the size of his little that is not good! After a long night of seeing him like that, we made the decision to take him back to the doctor to just be put out of his misery. I now know that it dosent matter if its "only a dog" to you or someone else. When you lose someone that is part of your family it feels like such a tragic loss when they arent around anymore. We loved our little dog and he was such a fun part of our lives and he will be missed! He was technically Preston's dog so Preston is really having a hard time with it. Its so hard as a parent to see your child have to feel the pain of loss already and not be able to make it all better as we so often do for other things. We cant take his sorrow away, its a part of life. I guess time heals everything. We love you Blue!