Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Pictures

The boys went trick-or-treating tonight and had sooo much fun! Preston was so tired afterwards that he fell asleep in the car on the way to go get some dinner. Payton was really the perfect age this year. He was able to keep up with his "bro" and go up to the doors by themselves. We had a lot of fun. Every year the kids get older, they really do get more fun! Here are a few pictures. As always, Payton dosent ever want to cooperate in photo's.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been super duper busy this last month. I actually had an opportunity to start a business here in Austin and have had only a limited time (less than 2 months) to get it up and running or it was a no go! I actually did it and was very proud of myself :) It was a gift card business and the time frame was so short b/c I had to get restaurants involved and signed up before the holidays because these gift cards are actually going to be soled in Costco for the holidays. They should be in the stores in the next couple weeks. YEAH!!! Im very excited for this new venture.
So, I have been getting that up and going while doing the whole school thing, picking up 2 girls along with Preston after school and watching them for an hour all the while trying to get in some "work time." Now I see that just because I can say I "worked from home" people automatically think WOW thats get to work at home and still be with your kids.....wellllll...I learned the hard way the two dont go hand in hand. Its hard to work from home and have the KIDS at home at the same time. O-well, its been fun.
Halloween is tomorrow. Preston wanted to be a skeleton and Payton is Luke Skywalker. They are so cute. They cant wait to go trick-or-treating. I woke up Preston for school this morning and the first thing he said before he even opened his eyes was, "One more day until Halloween."
My sister and her family have been here for the past couple weeks visiting and its been fun to see them and get to know her family. They have lived in Washington and we never got to see them before. We go down to my moms in San Antonio where they are staying and visit. We are going this weekend for my birthday. Im not to happy about this birthday, but I know there is nothing I can do to stop it. Im turning the big 30 and leaving my 20's forever! There is a bit of sadness ill have to admit. I think its just the thought of mine that youth and opportunity seem to be coorilated with your 20's and Ill be able to go back. Its just being able to let go of that idea and transition it to my 30's. I know 30 is still young and I have soooo much I want to accomplish. I think at this point in my life I have started to realize you actually do get older and its up to you to make things happen for yourself. Life happens wether you want it to or not. Craig and I have big goals and aspirations for our 30's, so I am excited.
The one and only thing Preston wants for Christmas
Preston and Payton

Preston at a Halloween party being silly