Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me.....

I was "tagged" with this on facebook...but I love reading these about other people and some of my "blog friends" arent on facebook yet...(hint hint sarah :) so Im going to tag them and put mine on my blog.

1. When I was 13 I took my own braces off. I had already had them on for almost 3 years and was sick of them. So I went in the garage and got some pliers and snapped those babies off!
2. I love "dipped chocolate" cones from dairy queen, but I have to hurry and eat all the chocolate off before it dries. Wierd!
3. I can play the guitar
4. I started and Airbrush Tanning Business called Bronzed Envy. :)
5. I overdo it every time I exercise. I like to feel the pain or I dont feel like Im doing any good.
6. Had a National Commercial on tv.
7. I want a motorcycle and a boat...I love outdoor toys!
8. I look at the middle of the toilet paper roll before I pick it up to put it on the holder. When I was young, we were visiting my grandma andI picked up a new roll without looking and a roach ran out. Ive been forever tramatized!
9. I wont eat ONE part of any peice of chicken b/c there is always that gross grisely vein on the edge of every peice!
10. I love the smell of the inside of new shoes...and shoe stores.??
11. I might eventually go back to school to be a dental hygienest
12. I want a horse again...I bought my very own horse that I had saved up my own money for finally when I was 13 and paid for her food and keep all on my own until I went to college and then I had to sell her:( I want another horse...I love them and I made Craig promise me that he would buy me one if I said yes to marry him. Haha!...Im still waiting. I think Im going to have to buy it myself again!
13. I want to live on a ranch...(that is close to the city too) $$$$ I want horses and cows and dirt bikes. Im still a tomboy at heart!
14. I love the beach
15. When I get an idea or goal in my head, there is NO stopping me...I WILL make it happen!
16. I love that I can contribute financially to our family. It makes me feel empowered! Dont get me wrong, I love being a stay at home mom, but there is something about the control of running your own business that is invigorating to's motivating!
17. I have a bad habbit of laughing when people get hurt..not BAD hurt, but like stubbed toes or tripping or something. A guy beside me at the gym tripped on the treamill and fell and I almost fell off because I was laughing so made him feel better though, Im not one to pretend like I dont see something...I WILL laugh!
18. I want to do a fitness competition sometime this year.
19. I tend to take on to many goals/projects and then get overwhelmed but I do it anyways.
20. Procrastination motivates me. does that make any sense???....I've come to realize I think I like the challenge of waiting until the last minute to get something done and then morphing into superwoman and getting it done in record time. It makes me feel good. Hey...doesnt Dr. Phil say, "whats your pay off?"
21. When I am tired, I pick the mascara off my eyelashes. Its drives Craig nuts.
22. My husband can make me laugh so hard I cry.
23. I believe in the Law of Attraction!! It has worked so many times in my life.
24. I believe in Karma.
25. I believe there are no such thing as coincidences.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just A Few of My Favorite Things.....Part 1

So lately I'm a little bit obsessed with finding good deals at goodwill! I think I have been to every one now in about a 20 mile radius of our house.

Anything that means I get to perform "surgery" on me, my kids or hubby...I love! ha! You gotta know me for this one!

This lip plumper is from Victoria Secret for $18. Let me just tell works! I used to buy a $40 plumper from Macy's until I found this. I buy the clear b/c it naturally turns your lips a rosey, shiney color.

If you've never played it, you should! Its fun and a little addictive.

I love my new watch! Craig knew I have been wanting a white face/band watch. He came home the other day and out of the blue surprized me with it. Love you babe! Be on the look out for this style, its becoming very popular and looks so dang cute on!

Might be "TMI" ...but I've wanted Laser hair removal for years and got it for Christmas! It's the coolest thing ever invented...well...almost :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Preston is in scouts and they have the "pinewood derby" coming up this weekend. So, my dad is king of making 1st place derby cars so wanted to come and get Preston this weekend to go to their house to get started on his car. Payton wanted to go to, of course, and I had a full day of tans so Craig took off Saturday morning with the kids to meet "namma and grampa" half way.

I have some clients that are huge sushi fans and keep telling me I have to try this place called "Tomo." I am leary of sushi and have a hard time disassociating what I am eating with the word "raw"......yuck. But, I wanted to branch out and was told that if I have never eaten sushi that THIS is the place to go for fabulous, authentic sushi.

So I went home and proceeded to convince Craig. It worked and off to Tomo we went! It was a very small, quaint place and we were seated right along the sushi wall. I was feeling a little timid and overwhelmed by the menu and wasn't sure about admitting we had NEVER had sushi before. I was sent prepared though...thanks to my client Tamara, she sent me with a list of what to order and when. Ha! Love it! Anyways, after we were seated the guy from behind the sushi bar reached over and placed this big square of green stuff (later to learn this is wasabi) on our plates. We both looked at it and talked about it for a few minutes. I am much more reserved about trying new things that I don't know what they are and what the ingredients are, but I guess Craig was feeling a little adventurous that night because at the exact same moment the little Japanese waitress came by to fill our water, I asked what the "green blob" was on our plate and if we could eat it...I looked over to see Craig putting the whole dang thing in his mouth and chewing. The waitress said NOOOOOOO.....and at that point there were about 4 "staff" around looking and gasping. I was still a little lost as to what was going on, but just said, "Craig, NO, your not supposed to eat that." All he was doing was holding his head in his hands, had sweat beading up on his face and breathing in and out harshly! Ohhh myyyyy!!! Then all the waitstaff (in their little Japanese accents) were telling him "SPIT OUT" "SPIT OUT" "DRINK WATAH" "DRINK WHATAH" hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

By the time he cooled down and his face turned back to a normal color we learned that what he had eaten was Wasabi. Only the most spicy of spicy fiery-hot flavors. Apparently it is the root and VERY potent and is only supposed to be added to soy sauce in small portions.

Poor Craig! Although it wasn't funny at the time, I had the giggles all night seeing it play over and over in my mind again and again! I would just bust out laughing randomly all night. ha! He said to me, "honey, you don't understand...I thought my head was going to blow up. I felt like I had been gassed." All that did was make me crack up uncontrollably again and again!

I'm just glad I didn't pop that whole thing in my mouth too....I don't think I would have handled myself the same way craig did. I would have been crying my eyes out making a scene!

As for our first sushi experience........

sushi good, wasabi BAD!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Chic little bathroom :)

So today I worked on putting all my little "projects" up on the wall. Its so much fun..this whole redecorating thing. I think I'm finding a new addiction! I'm not done yet, but here is my little re-vamp so far. Im going to get new lighting and take down the big mirror and replace it with 2 single mirrors above each sink and then finish with hardware on the cabinet drawers.

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

My cute little signs..arent they adorable??

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Project "Craftiness"

So have been having the itch lately to "tweak/re-do" ok....redecorate my house. So I have been looking through magazines and decorating sites to try to find the exact style Im trying to go for. I love the shabby chic/boutique style without being too flowery (if thats a word) that sometimes shabby chic can be. I found a website that I love. This lady is so crafty and after staying up way too late looking, I went to bed with thoughts of decorating mania going on in my head! So, yesterday, project "craftiness" began. The juices are flowing and my days have been filled with cans of black spray paint and sand paper! Love, here are a couple great "finds" and transformations...more to come...Im on a roll :)

Kids HAD to help
These things were goodwill finds and all started out that ugly brassy color. Yuck!

Thift store finds of the day.

Got all this for under $20 at Hobby Lobby's 90% off sale! Luvv itttt!

Look for this mirror in the "after "pict of my mantle.

These were also brassy. I primed them and sprayed them black. They are also on the "new" mantle.

Old Mantle...ugly

New mantle...cute :) For about $25!

Before (had already sprayed/faux finished the frame and decoration)


Laundry basket Before

Laundry Basket After (not done yet..but better)

I started out with raw wood and spray painted in "satin black" and then picked out a piece of cute scrapbook paper to glue on top of the plaque. Then I sanded down the wood b/c I like the "rustic" look! Turned out very cute!



Monday, January 12, 2009

New Years Eve Bowling

We went bowling on New Years Eve and had so much fun! The kids have a new favorite thing to do! We had the bumpers up and they were so cute watching their bowling balls slowly roll all the way down the lane and then jump up and down so excited if it hit more than one pin. Payton did get a little to carried away at one point and actually threw the ball over into the other lane. Oops! I do have to mention though...Craig and I get a little competitive every time we bowl. Most times he does win, BUT, we played 2 games that night and I did WIN the first game. He then proceeded to tell me that whoever won the second game wins it all....whatever honey, dont be to embarassed that you got beat by your wife! ha! He did win the second game...but not by much. I want a re-match!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow....2009! Already. Time for those annual resolutions. Here are a few personal and family goals:


*Have fun- Always at the top of our family list and a Smart family must :)
*Serve more- We started volunteering with a local charity and love it and will be doing more.
*Pray together daily for all that we are thankful for!
*Have more date nights with my hubby!


*Continue to grow my business
*Possibly do a fitness competition?? This will get my butt in gear again for our cruise this year! I need some motivation again and was told the company I have my endorsement contract with (muscletech) that they will sponcer me. This is huge b/c there are a lot of expenses involved in competing. So, I just have to decide and commit....oh gosh...ahahhhhh..
*save more $$
*keep up my gratitue journal everyday!

Just a few....

Happy New Year to everyone! I resolve to make this our best year yet!

Here are a few picts from my phone that Craig just downloaded for me...


"Mrs. Thomas and the boys"

"Always Indy"

"peeling potato's for dinner"

"Our house looked so cute"

"our romantic boat ride for our 9th anniversary"

captain craig :)

Our fav. place to eat on the river called The County pretty!

The County Line....feeding turtles

Marley and Me

This move was sooooo cute and so real! Loved it loved it loved it! If you havent seen it, go! Its great for the whole family!