Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Like a Hawaii vacation

We went to San Antonio again this weekend and found this BEAUTIFUL waterfall swimming hole. It was soooooo nice that we all kinda felt like we were on "mini" hawaiian vacation. Its great that it was only 30 minutes from where my mom lives. The boys had so much fun and Preston was snokeling all over the place. The fish were amazing and would come right up to him and practically eat out of his hand. Payton went under the waterfall with "namma" but was a little scared of the force of the water and the sound, but like still had fun. We came back home on Sunday and are back in the daily grind again. We always look forward to the weekends to see what new little place we can find to have fun at. Here are some pictures and Ill try to post a video of the falls.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Paytons Birthday

catch up

I have to catch up on so much. So, Ill just try to re-cap on whats been happeneing. We had a great summer. To bad it rained soooo much b/c we planned on being at the lake a lot more than we were. O-well, the times we made it out to the lake we had a blast. We spent a lot of the summer in San Antonio just playing!
Preston started 1st grade this year and is semi-liking it so far. He thinks its more "boring" than kindergarden and longer. haha. He is doing great though. Im so greatful that he is willing and dosent put up a fight int he morning to go to school.
Payton is ....well....still payton. He is such a funny kid. Both my boys LOVE to be outside all the time. Id like to think I instilled that in them b/c its so good for them. Especially these days when it seems like all kids do is play video games and watch tv. But, on the other hand, then it makes it my job to be the one playing with them allllll the time. I love it though, seeing them play and laugh makes me happy too. Payton started a moms day out program once a week and likes it. I have to say, I like it too. Although all I do is worry when my kiddo's are out of my sight. What can I say, Im a worry wart!
Craig continues to do great at his job and is very successful in what he does. He is a great salesman. We are projecting a business of our own in the next year or so. That is the only way to do things these days. Im convinced working hard to make money for someone else never really pays off. DUHHH! :) Craig is such a hard worker and is so motivated that by being able to put all of that energy into our own business can only be benificial! He has also been on a diet and has to date lost about 15 pounds. Wow! he is doing great!
As for me, my life just got busier since school started. I was living it up not have to wake up early every morning. O-well, part of being a mom. Im back on track with my dieting after a much needed break this summer. I took off about 2 months from dieting , rev'ed up my metabolism again and am back on the fat blasting track. I am on a 12 week competition prep diet/exersice program and it rocks so far. I have already lost 10 pounds. It gives me hope that I might actually be able to do a fitness competition by the end of the year. It would be such an accomplishment for me, so Im working towards it. Other than that, Im just hangin' out with my kids and trying to be a good mom. Ill post some pictures of us over the summer.