Sunday, March 28, 2010

Perspective Sunday...

Ive pretty much been waiting to exhale for the past few weeks, months...... and today...I was finally able to breathe! Can I just tell you what relaxing is to me? Well, we live on 2 acres so we have dirt bikes...I LOVE me some dirt bikes! I rode and rode that dirt bike around our yard about 50 times. Preston was on his dirt bike following me. Everytime I would pull up to the house, Payton would run outside and ask me for a ride. That's gonna grow up being a motorcycle lover! Not to mention, while we are riding around, Craig and my dad are out on joy ride on the "big boy" bikes. Then, after my bootie could only handle so much on the bike, we laid on a blanket under one of our HUGE OAK trees and read a book about dragons. We did this for a couple hours...ahhhhh...I love a lazy Sunday. It's been SOOOOO long since I have just rested, no computer, phone etc..that I honestly have forgotten how to relax! Ive been working so much lately, you really get in a "working freenzy" and dont know how to stop. It just brought me back down a notch...oh, and my stress level too! I was reminded that although I love my work and what I do, that I love my boys and family more! Without my family, I have nothing...they are what I enjoy. But I also realized again, that they dont want the "business contacts, money, cars, house..etc" they just want me, my time and my attention.

Nothing like a beautiful, sunny Sunday to put things back in perspective! *smile*

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