Sunday, March 21, 2010

Superwoman and "The Beam"

This is how I've felt lately!

This is who I need to be more like in order to hold down the fort...hummmmm..possible??

WA= Work-a-holics Annonymous! Is there such thing? Probably so, and I might need to go! I've been told this past week that I might have a bit of a "problem!" I guess my family is telling me in a, well, nice way to: CUT, PULL THE PLUG, EX-NEY ON THE WORK-NA, TAKE A BREAK, CHILL OUT, STOP TALKING ABOUT BUSINESS, STOP STOP STOP! I am feeling a bit obsessed about this whole "business" thing..but what can I say..I LOVE being a "business girl!" I've got the fever, but everyone else is sick...sick of hearing me talk about tanning..haha! It's SO hard to slow down when success is in my grasp. I do feel a bit guilty though b/c I need to work more on balancing my family NUMERO UNO, and my biz, NUMERO DOS!

Note to self: dont talk to husband about my tanning business...I think he's just a tad bit sick of hearing about it all! I pretty much just do what I want and make my own business decisions anyways...I just need to balance, balance, balance...

This week is labeled "The Beam" b/c that is my task this week! Walk the balancing beam of family, life and biz without falling off!

Heck, I am superwoman afterall right?!...The modern superwoman CAN do it a family, run a biz, be a good wife, mother, maid, cook, laundry,etc, etc, etc..RIGHT!!!!

Wish me luck! :)

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